Speed heroics

12 02 2009

So had a fun experiment at a speed heroic the other night.  Was idling around farming jewel crafting patterns using my favourite trick of joining LFG by subscribing to a zone rather than a particular dungeon.  There was a group wanting to do heroic GD that seemed to be looking for a healer for hours.   I don’t normally pug a lot, particularly on a weeknight.  But as maintenance was coming up, it was a perfect opportunity to grab a quick run but with a good excuse to get out of it if things turned to fail.

So suddenly I was in a heroic GD pug with a manic gnome warrior tank and a party chat full of lols and wuts and, most importantly, less than 40 minutes until server shut down.  It was pretty insane.  We blew through the first boss fast enough to get the achievement.  We didn’t have any trouble with the lightning arcing trash that normally causes me great healer pain – amazing what a difference a group of ranged DPS makes on those mobs rather than the heavy melee I seem to run with often.

A couple of wipes on the second boss put us under more time pressure until I reminded everyone that taking it slow and actually getting out of the FREAKING PURPLE PUDDLES would be quicker than rushing it and wiping.  Plus I managed to remind the warlock that he could actually give people healthstones which would help a bit.

We downed the final boss with 3 minutes to reset – a completely heady rush of adrenalin to finish off the night.  I didn’t friend list anyone, I didn’t score any loot, and it was a lot less smooth than running with the guild, but it was still a lot of fun and a good confidence boost to be able to heal a group I knew nothing about who were all rushing and being sloppy.

I finished up and all I could think was who would appreciate my story without bombarding my guild forums with my random tale.  So I figured I would capitulate and actually go ahead and start a blog.  I am sure that the internet cares.




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