Bucket o’ water onya

13 02 2009

My first couple of toons in wow were melee so it took a while before I became familiar with spell effects.  Even then as a late starter with limited opportunities to group I hadn’t seen very many of the spells of other classes either.  This led to a rather fun exchange the first time that I did the Shade of Aran fight in Karazhan – my raid leader described all of the different elements of the fight and asked if there were any questions.

“Yes,” I said, “..this ‘blizzard’ that you describe – what does it actually look like?”

“Like the mage’s blizzard spell.  Anything else?”

“Just one more thing; what does the mage’s blizzard spell look like?”


I resisted playing a druid for a long time – mainly because I hate nelves.  But the druid balance spells look amazing.

Anyway, my current favourite spell effect is the resto shaman spell Riptide.  It is a front loaded insta-cast HoT so it ticks a lot of shaman boxes for tools we have been missing out on.  The spell effect literally looks like a bucket of water dumping on the player.

And you know the cool thing?  I get to wander around an instance dumping buckets of water on my guild leader or my other guildies and it never fails to amuse me.




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