Freaking hilarious Patchwerk

24 02 2009


Let me set the scene.  A week or so ago, our guild took down Patchwerk for the first time when we kind of decided to have a random effort at him without preparation after completing the Spider Wing.  We were stoked to be successful on our first shot with an ease which was enviable.  Now Patchwerk is in a long room with a couple of moats of slime in them.  If you manage to jump the moats and stick your landing on the other side, then you are right – but if you don’t quite stick the landing, you immediately lose two thirds of your health and mana and have to regen before continuing.
With the slime moats in place, there are like two “islands” in the room.  When you come through the entry way, you jump over (or splash through) the first moat and you are on the first “island”.  This is where Patchwerk is, pathing up and down a long way.  We then jump over the second moat and clear out all of the trash on the second island as we work our way down to the end of Patchwerk’s pathing range.  We all buff up and the raid leader quickly explains the fight, trying to get through all the salient points before Patchwerk paths back out of pulling range.  And finally, he says to the tank who hasn’t been here before and is assigned the role of MT for this fight “go ahead and engage the boss”.  And our very obedient tank does exactly that by charging across the slime moat and immediately losing two thirds of his health, while stranding the other tank on the other side of the moat and unable to soak the hateful bolts.  At least, I think that is what happened – all those melee and tank people could be spelling out YMCA for all I know what they are up to.
Within seconds we have a healer down, a scattering of other casualties and everything is going to hell in a handbasket.
Amazingly enough, we manage to avoid a wipe manage to keep both tanks alive while the boss is being repositioned and in a raid full of druids the raid manage to call for battle rezzes for our healer and whoever else we needed.  In the meantime I had blown all of my cooldowns trying to keep both tanks up and was plumb out of mana with the boss at 75%.  Again the raid full of druids helps out again with an innervate for me and the now resurrected druid healer.
So it took us two or three minutes to simply get back to the beginning of the fight with everyone sorted and ready to go.  And this DPS race just suddenly got a lot more interesting with a good couple of minutes lost rezzing people and getting sorted and all that jazz.  So we start to turn our eyes to the enrage timer and wondering whether we can make it under the wire.  Could our rag tag little guild with our “no pressure” attitude manage to pull off this fight our second time ever with half a raid full of people who had never seen it before after we had completely ballsed up the initial pull?
Turns out we could.  It was a close run thing in the end – watching the boss’s health creep down bit by painful bit as the enrage timer was creeping inexorably towards the red zone.  As it looked like we were getting close, the healers kept half an eye on the health bars and started throwing as many offensive spells at the boss as they could manage (whoops, don’t forget to keep the tank alive).  Trinkets were being popped, heroism being called and people out and out were starting to barrack for our victory until the boss finally went down.
One second before the enrage timer.
One.  Second.
Now I know that 10 man Naxx isn’t something that a lot of guilds get excited about, but that was a truly epic fight and we managed to come out victorious in the end.  I don’t know that there is much that can rival the joy of 10 people working hard together to accomplish something that seemed like it was out of reach.  And despite our no pressure, no stress atmosphere, it is a tribute to the care and attention and skill and commitment of all of those Sidhe Devils who aren’t a part of a raiding guild, but who make sure when the game gets serious that they darn well bring their A game.



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