Fail shaman is fail

25 02 2009

Subtitled “Things to improve on”

1. I must learn how to hex.  Having only had the skill since level 80 and never having played a toon with a CC, I have used this in a CC capacity exactly once, in a run through HGun’drak and I think it is significant that my tank has never since assigned me a CC target.  However it is incredibly fun to mess with people’s heads – as on the recent regular UK run through for Love is in the Air seasonal drops where our 80 DK was practising his tanking.  Everyone was having fun pulling aggro and generally being real pains – my contribution was to hex mobs just as the tank was trying to pick them up.  Fun times.

2. Nature’s Swiftness is a great spell, but it is not like the freaking holy grail or anything.  I really must stop saving it for that really clutch moment.  This of course means that I hardly ever use it even though it has a three minute cooldown.  How is it I can train myself to use heroism every cooldown even when questing but the awesomeness of NS with a much shorter cooldown (3min v 10min) is neglected.

3. Ditto tidal force.  Another awesome spell.  At least here I have the defence that I have only had it a relatively short period of time, but still have to remember to macro it to something that I use regularly.


Actually that is all I can think of.  Man, I am obviously pretty cool at the moment.  It is probably more a case of wanting to focus on a few things at a time, but I will take that I am a hero of a shaman (obvs).




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