The lore project

25 02 2009

So a while ago, we saw The Warcraft Archive  on sale and picked it up.  It is a collection of four books which map out some of the background to the WoW universe.  Having never played Warcraft in its original versions, I felt like I was missing out on some of the connections.

Okay, the first book of the four wins the prize for the most boring, longwinded clumsy exposition-filled writing *ever*.  I should know; I have read it like five times before becoming annoyed and throwing the book across the room (which is possibly a bad choice – it’s a big book).

I tried it again recently.  The godawful first chapter with the mages of the Kirin Tor was still, well, godawful (way to lead with your best material BTW).  At one point, I set the book aside and said “This is all just *wrong*!!  Instead of all this exposition of all the history of why the alliance is in disarray, they should just have a simple hero on a journey and let him find out this stuff on the way”. 

BUT!!  The difference is that I perservered until the second chapter and found, amazingly enough, a simple hero on a journey finding out stuff on the way.  Hooray!!  And, the fact that the simple hero was the mage Rhonin as an apprentice mage makes the whole thing incredibly cool.

Thanks to that book, I have a passable understanding of the different dragonflights and what they were on about (including why the Caverns of Time exists).  After the second book, I understand why Thrall is just fantastic and indeed what the hell we were all doing helping him escape from Durnholde all those times.  Anyway, I feel like I am getting some of the information that I was missing, which is very cool.

Just don’t read the first chapter of that first book.  It sucks.




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