Mount count

26 02 2009

One of the achievements I am working on with Ruune is to get myself the 50 mount achievement and get myself one of these bad boys.  Ever since I saw this mount, I loved it totally with a passion similar to my love of the beautiful Skyguard stingrays.  So of course I have been blowing all my cash on rounding out my collection.

I got myself exalted with all of the Alliance factions (earning me my Ambassador Title along the way) but mainly so that I could buy all of the mounts.  With the recent removal of racial mount restrictions, this has to my unending joy meant that I can ride a mechano-chicken on my willowy Draenei.  After buying all of the mounts from the alliance vendors both normal and epic, as well as all of the different gryphons from SMV, I am now questing to get cash for the last of my currently available mounts – all of the other versions of the rays.

Once I do that, by my calculation my mount count is up to 46, still 4 short of the achievement.

My closest alternatives by my calculation is either to farm more cash to get the mounts from dalaran, fall into some luck with drops, or grind factions for some more mounts – with the primary candidates being the netherwing faction or the kurenai.  My plan at the moment is to run through the attunement quests for netherwing and begin the dailies, whilst keeping my eye out for other options as they become available.  I will also have a bash at farming some kurenai rep – I am almost revered with them but it still seems it would take a long time.  The up shot is that I could use the cloth and greens for my priest to level tailoring/enchanting.  The downside is that my brain might fall out of my head if I have to do something s’darn boring.

If I end up with a heap of cash, I will get the vendor mounts, but this whole little endeavour has taken a fair chunk out of my budget so far already, so I would prefer to avoid that if I can help it.




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5 03 2009
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