Hex heroics

1 03 2009

So I managed to run a bunch of heroics on the weekend with the help of my wonderful guildies.  Ironically as I only have a couple of days to run in prime time with the guild, I often feel much more comfortable with 10 man raids than 5 man heroics and it takes a bit of time to get used to the mechanics of five man healing.

We had mixed success yesterday – with some things going smoothly and some things being “learning experiences”.  The most deflating was our idea to finish the night off with a quick heroic Violet Hold.  I had never seen the Xevozz encounter which, frankly, is one of those moving fights which totally messes with my healing what with the whole static nature of totems and lack of insta-cast heals.  Plus arcane damage is like my arch nemesis –  I always always die to it.

We actually managed to get through it – I ahkh’ed and managed to keep myself and the tank alive while the DPS ran back and we managed to finish him off and get him down.  We were congratulating ourselves for recovering reasonably well until the last trash pull before the final boss when the tank took them on further up the stairs than I was used to and I ended up out of LOS of the rest of the party.  By the time I managed to get back in range and heal up everyone, predictably I was the one that went down in a screaming heap with no back up healer.  I was locked out on the last boss leading to a nasty wipe.  Facing the prospect of repeating the whole run just to knock off the last boss deflated us too much so we called it.

However, the redeeming part of the evening was learning a trick with the dragon handlers in heroic UK.  After hearing that our uber mage likes to sheep the riders off the top of the dragons, I remembered that I have Hex.  While the limited range is a pain, the trick worked perfectly.  Yay, I can haz crowd control.




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