Ogre beatdown

5 03 2009

So been grinding away slowly on my Kurenai rep so that I can finish off my stable.  I have done all of the quests for faction rep that are available and ended up just shy of revered.   There are basically two ways to grind rep with Kurenai once the quests are done.  First is to kill ogres in various places in Nagrand, which give 10 rep each kill.  Apparently in some areas the ogres give less than 10 rep for a level 80 but I have been grinding in Laughing Skull ruins and have found that they all give 10 rep per kill.

Secondly, there is a repeatable quest to hand in 10 obsidian warbeads which conveniently enough drop from Ogres in Nagrand.  Now I had received zero rep from this the first time through, because I had handed all of my beads in for Consortium rep so hadn’t completed the hand in quest even once.

I am breaking my grind into chunks to make it bearable, normally governed by bag space.  I grind until my bags are full and then I go back to Telaar to hand in beads and empty bags.  If I free 30 or so spots in my bag it takes me an hour or so to fill those.  In that hour or so, I come up with something around 5 or 6 stacks of netherweave cloth, various greens, some vendor trash and 40-50 beads.  YMMV but over the course of a couple of short sessions, I have calculated that I am grinding about 3K rep per hour, which still equates to 6 or so hours of grinding until I hit exalted.

I have been sending the greens and cloth to my priest to level tailoring and enchanting, but I imagine if I was selling the dust and cloth it might break even gold wise.

Of course, in the midst of all of this, I wondered whether getting exalted with Kurenai would snag me an achievement in itself.  It does of course – Oh My, Kurenai, but it also is one leg of The Diplomat, which gives you a cool title and everything.  Of course, it also requires you to be exalted with both Sporegarr and the Timbermaw Hold.  I am not even honoured with Sporegarr, and I am still unfriendly with Timbermaw, but it is tempting.  Why does this seem so much more attractive than grinding Sons of Hodir rep?




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