2 04 2009

My main focus in the game atm (apart from running heroics and raids on Ruune) is levelling my little spriest Xenith.  I am finding her heaps of fun, and it is a real blast playing a DPS character rather than a healer (seeing as I levelled resto all the way).

I was reflecting the other day how spoiled we are playing a game as popular as WoW in that us more casual players can call on heaps of resources that other people have prepared to help us figure out how to play our characters.  I like planning my gear progression, but I don’t pretend to do anything more involved than pull the recommendations from a resource like and just rely on the people who have done the research.

I love playing around and experimenting and developing my own tips and tricks of how to play my class (particularly in a group).  But I am not going to be theory crafting the guts out of  the basics of the class.  But even as I am ripping off the cookie cutter specs and rotations, I spare a thought that someone has to care about the PTR or write up the guides for the encounters I haven’t seen before or test out the infinite variations of rotations on the target dummies.  I certainly appreciate that they do so.  Because it means that I can skip all of that crap and just get on with playing the game.




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