Heigen the boring

3 04 2009

Our guild managed to clear the plague wing in Naxx 10 for the first time the other day.  And, perhaps because I have only done it a few times so it isn’t so frustrating to me, I was loving the Heigen fight as usual.

First time, I am giving one of the other healers who hadn’t seen it before some tips as to how to do it and this meant that I absolutely had to flub it immediately and face plant as soon as I was supposed to start moving.  The most epic attempt saw 4 of us left standing – a couple of DPS, myself as heals and a tank.  We lasted for 23 minutes before an ill-timed piece of lag saw me hit the floor.  Twenty three minutes for those other 6 people to make themselves a snack or lie on the floor feeling guilty for having two left feet.

Fun things about the Heigen fight:

  • the player that dances fine on her priest but found that her locktastic gnome legs were too short
  • the healy priest who normally comes on her mage seeing the fight from a whole different perspective
  • best raid leader quote ever “I love you like a brother but you can’t dance for s**t”
  • the dead guildies arguing that they were marking the safe zones
  • totally forgetting to monitor my totems and finding I had managed to let all of them (including disease cleansing and nature resist) drop off – whoops!
  • actually shaking from adrenalin after expending so much focus on such a long boss fight
  • battling my crappy oceanic lag trying not to die

Anyway, a fun fight and another sidhe devils achievement.  Yay for us.




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