We did it okay last week

4 04 2009

A couple of years back in an old guild and on a different server, I was enjoying the chance to get into Karazhan a little on Ruune.  Though it was an aussie guild, the raid times were mostly inconvenient for me, so I was normally a bencher and only filling in for emergencies. 

Pie (my SO) was going through a  bit of a flat spot with the guild, even though he was the guild leader at the time.  He wasn’t so into raiding, but I asked him to come along with me on his lock when it hit 70 so we could enjoy it together.  He did and what followed was one of the worst raid experiences I have had, even though it was all guildies.  There was the moment when they checked to see whether people had food buffs and called people out in raid chat about it if they didn’t.  There was the charming whispering to Pie about how his DPS levels weren’t measuring up.  On Shade of Aran, we had an explanation and a messy wipe after which there was full silence on vent.  I asked someone what had happened and whether I had done anything wrong and nobody seemed to be able to say why we had wiped.  Two more wipes and the conclusion seemed to be that it was our fault –  “We did it okay last week” (when we weren’t there).

We finished the night on Chess and asked whether someone could explain what was going on – the answer was “Don’t worry, we have control of the important things” so we basically muddled along trying to avoid making any mistakes while not really knowing what we were doing.  We left the guild and the server not long after that.

A little while ago I had another experience like that in the game.  None of the same events or responses, but similar enough that I was immediately reminded of it.  The difference was that I was with my guildies who were of one mind with me about what kind of behaviour was worth putting up with.  And so it is worth mentioning again that I love my guild – a group of some of the finest players I have had the privilege to play with who are also some of the nicest.




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