This is easy guys

5 04 2009

So with the new players in the Sidhe Devils there are a few that are playing at different times of the day, even able to catch up with late nighters like me playing on the other side of the world.  So I have been trying to run a bit with one of our new tanks who is more amenable to my time zone.  I will not name him to protect the guilty but it just so happens that just about every time he pulls me into a PuG, disaster ensues.

Most recently was heroic OK for the daily.  I could catalogue all of the gory details but that would be sad.  There are a couple of good ones though, like this conversation:

TANK – Let me know if you need me to do anything differently ie positioning etc to help you out

ME – Sure thing

  • tank immediately accidentally face pulls a group of mobs across the other side of the room and out of LoS*

ME  – (running back after messy wipe) Here’s a tip – when you do that I can’t heal you.

Another good one was the hunter who, immediately before the instance got the other group members to enter H-AN with him to see if we could (I declined), thus saving them to his mostly cleared instance.

The problem, even if I do say so myself, was neither my pocket tank or I.  I was topping the metres for healing after all.  The problem was lack of DPS, particularly in the form of a decently geared enhancement shaman doing 700 DPS on boss fights.  700 DPS.  This of course was the same party member explaining how all of these fights were really easy.  Douche.

A couple of days later my spriest Xenith hit level 72 and got a couple of gear upgrades though still almost all in greens.  Lo and behold she was now doing just over 700 DPS and is now pestering my pocket tank for a spot in those heroics.




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