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8 04 2009

One thing that has amazed me while levelling my priest is the number of random tells I get from people asking me to heal instances. I never got this while levelling on Ruune (who actually was levelling resto), but I get an average of 2-3 per play session when playing in prime time since I have hit Northrend. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised levelling alliance that people don’t “/who shaman” to find a healer. I still find relatively frequently that people are unaccustomed to running with resto shamans as healers, though sometimes I might be mistaking that for people that are just unaccustomed to running with other human beings.

However the priest as archetypal healer is still pretty strong. I am always pleased to say that I am shadow and not up for it because I find that randomly whispering someone to come heal your instance seems pretty intrusive to me. I know it is annoying to be trying to run an instance and not be able to find a healer, but there has to be an extent to which you can suck it up. You know what? I prefer to run with guildies, but sometimes the right group of people aren’t interested in doing it. And we say “Oh well, doesn’t look like it is going to happen, will try again for interest later”. Or we will put a couple of messages in LFG or send a tell to a friendlisted person on the off chance. If all of those options don’t bear fruit, what we DON’T do is randomly whisper people that we have never had any contact at all with before to see if they on the off chance are interested in dropping whatever it is that they are doing and run an instance with four other people they have never met before. It’s the grouping equivalent of randomly challenging someone to a duel in the middle of a quest.




One response

16 04 2009

I actually don’t mind running with strangers. When I created my first toon, Ally Night Elf, I didn’t and ended up not seeing a lot of content. The people in my first guild were all higher and very few had a desire to run thing with lowbies.

When I rolled a Horde Priest I started running lowbie instances. I ran a lot of PUGs. The thing is I met a lot of great people that way and continued to run thing with them after I hit 80. The great thing was even if I couldn’t make a run with guildmates I because of scheduling I was always able to run something with the buddies I met via PUGs. The thing is even your guildmates are ‘strangers’ in the beginning, unless you happen to know them in real life.

I’ve rerolled Alliance toons and although it’s nice to run things with guildmates because of my level that rarely happens. Since I enjoy running instances at level without boosts I still PUG. I’ll definitely continue to do so once I hit 80, although I imagine the majority of my PUGs will consist of people I’ve met along the way. Although I have not run as many PUGs with Deimonia, I’ve already met some great players. I look forward to running things with them as we continue to level and at end-game too.

Yep, my Horde priest, and my lowbie Ally priest (level 22) get invites when they hop online. That was to be expected since it’s much easier to pick up DPS but even my Horde Survival Hunter got invites too mainly from the numerous PUGs I ran with her. I organized a lot of the PUGs I ran with my Priest and Hunter, so occasionally I would toss out invites to people. I always asked if they were interested first, and would let them know the roles that needed to be filled. At times, people would say they weren’t interested but in many cases people were up for it.

That’s another reason I got a lot of whispers, people saw me as one who liked organizing PUGs. Sure I would check people out via armory but that doesn’t really tell you how a person will do.You can have the best gear and fail at being nice within a group, or performing adequately for an instance. Occasionally there were jerks but for the most part the PUGs were good experiences. My best buddies in-game were met via PUGs.

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