Bad day

9 04 2009
Had a bad day the other day with a pretty abortive raid attempt.  We had a short run on the calendar which I flagged that Ruune would be available on a really limited basis (might arrive late and only had 2 hours) and to please take someone else if they could.  Well it turns out that they needed me (at least, I hope they didn’t have any other options).  So I got there, managed to be on time, though we had to wait around to fill a DPS slot or two.  We rolled through Noth okay, and moved on to Heigen.
Normally I am okay with the dance and I actually quite enjoy it.  But I was full of fail yesterday for some reason.  It seemed to me like I was doing exactly the same as I normally do, but I was consistently getting clipped as I ran through the zones.  And though it seemed to me that I was absolutely in the right spots, it just wasn’t working for me.  I don’t like to blame things on lag because the fact of the matter is that being oceanic with the servers in the US, lag is just something that I have to learn to play around and manage, and I have various strategies for how to deal with that.  Normally it means that I have to be really spot on about where I am meant to be and moving the instant that I become aware of the next stage.  Normally that is sufficient to keep me inside the safe zones, but yesterday either my reaction times were off or the window was just narrower than normal.
To top things off, I got a call from my Hub feeling sick at work for me to pick him up earlier than expected.  The devils are really good about being understanding when real life interferes, but it still makes me feel like a putz.  We had one more shot and thankfully managed to get the smarmy snot to hit the floor (I did as well of course).  I hearthed and logged and I found out later that they couldn’t find a replacement and called it.  I feel pretty annoyed for leaving people in the lurch.  So I am off to farm some buff food to pop into the guild bank this week.  Hopefully that will make up for it.



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