State of the wow

8 05 2009

Well, 3.1 has been around for several weeks now.

And you know what, it has completely turned around my enjoyment of the game.  I enjoyed it before of course but now I am enjoying it a heap more.  Before 3.1 I was really enjoying my little spriesty girl, she was up to level 75 and flying towards 80.  I was well underway in getting her gear assembled in the bank to hit the heroics.

Three weeks later, she is still 75.  I have gone on putting the gear in the bank and she is very close to having a full set of heroic/raid ready gear.  I don’t know why though seeing as I haven’t played her in three weeks.

The simple reason is dual spec.  Ruune has gone and got herself an elemental questing spec and she is LOVING IT.  Getting through the dailies and other fun stuff so quickly that I am quickly adding more things to my list of things to do.  So whereas before I might have tried to do three dailies before switching to Xenith, I now have a whole heap of dailies, plus I successfully had a go at soloing the chain to unlock the netherwing quests (MOAR MOUNTS!!) and I have taken the plunge about doing the Argent Tournament quests (MOAR MOUNTS) plus I am grinding rep with the Wolvar (only to later switch to the oracles for the Mercenary achievement).  In short, the list of things to do before switching over to do some levelling never seems to run out.

All good fun though.




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