Totems – wham!

11 08 2009

So have been looking at the most recent 3.2 changes, and the stand out most fantastic part of this patch is the new totem management system for shamans.  In particular, the ability to use one button to drop four totems in one GCD.  That is just so cool on so many levels.

We spent some time running instances on the weekend including a couple which some of the group had never completed before and which rank in my mind as some of the tougher instances.  We did AN for the daily and OK because we were in the area and nobody in the group had finished the heroic achieve.  The ability to drop four totems at once, apart from the very cool “blam!” factor, made everything heaps easier.

Shamans until this patch were unique in that their buffs (which are necessarily static) can’t universally be applied out of combat.  I always find it stupid sitting around in a raid for rebuffs (earthshield done, watershield done, finished!) and then at or about the time that combat commences I am furiously juggling cooldowns to get my totems down as well as everything else that has to happen in a pull.  There are some fights where you can do it in advance, but plenty where you don’t have the luxury of the tank being able (or willing) to pull back to within range of the totems you prepared earlier.

So BLAM!!!  Pure win.




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