Some shamans is for arenas

13 08 2009

Okay, so I got myself into a couple of arenas with some likely noobs who have little more experience than I do.  Currently sporting a ranking of about 95 in 2v2s and still on the big zero in 3s.  I rock.

We have put together our teams without any regard for complimentary class combinations or any such rubbish and it is a whole heap of fun.  I keep finding new spells that I have never used before and realising that they might actually have a worthwhile function in PVP – it took me several matches to remember that I have Hex.

My first couple of matches were the most fun as a team mate and I wondered if people would get frustrated with a resto shaman/resto druid combo.  Turns out was not so fun – we each did a bunch of healing but the flaw in our plan was that there was nobody to actually kill the other side.  Bit of a miscalculation.

It seems that the universal tactic whether I am playing resto or elemental is “focus fire the shaman” and our best endeavours were where I managed to survive long enough to let my team mates kill someone else.  I have figured out a tactical response though – I invited another shaman to join my team – so we are going to go ele/resto for a couple of games and I will hang him out as the target dummy.




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