Occulus schmoculus

17 08 2009

So I finally got my occulus achieve over the weekend. With my limited play time I am used to doing things well after they are news to anyone.

However, occulus has such a bad rep that I could never get a full group of guildies who wanted to go. The emblems of conquest has everyone running heroics and a group I was in was stupid enough to ask for suggestions for what to run.

Strangely enough I really enjoyed it. It is tough and the trash mobs and magic damage caused some headaches for sure. This was post nerf so the final boss should have been easier, but he still kicked our butts several times before we figured out a workable strat.

But I thought the fights were fun, the flying mechanic novel and the lore was good too. And plus, there was a murloc. MOAR murlocs!




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