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18 08 2009
But I call bullshit on a couple of the rumours.

First, dwarf shamans and troll druids.  Lore aside, if they are adding extra classes to existing races, they will make them faction based.  We will either get new druid races for both horde and alliance or new horde paladin and alliance shaman races.  That being said, dwarves are a good match for shaman – we have seen iron dwarves behave shaman-like in Northrend chucking annoying lightning bolts at us.  Troll druids seem not so much, but I am totally not up on horde lore.  It would make sense for new classes to add to the new races (if they exist) but while worgen druids could work, goblins would struggle.
But it would be nice for players to have more than one race available for particular classes.  All power to Jong notwithstanding, there are probably a bunch of hordies who might be more inclined to play paladins if they didn’t have to be belves, and some people (my husband included) unaccountably can’t stand the space goat tail and waddle which remains a barrier to him levelling a shaman.
However, I do think that having a race that can’t heal is a mistake which they might rectify for the gnomes, and which would suggest that they would have to have a healing class for the goblins.  Although the priest idea seems weird for gnomes.  Maybe they should be shaman and drop itty bitty totems all over the place.

One thing is for sure, if they introduce new druid races I will be pretty annoyed after finally overcoming my hatred of night elves to level one to 60 with RAF.  Stupid little bouncebouncebounce.



One response

20 08 2009

There are troll druids in Dun Morogh … or trolls who can cast Thorns and Faerie Fire, at least. And one of my guildmates says there is a troll bear druid boss in Zul’Aman, though I have never been in that place myself.

And hi!

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