Alts and horizontal expansion

25 08 2009

I really like the idea of revitalising and revisiting old content in Azeroth.  As someone who started in BC, I missed a lot of the old content, and since I have been going back while trying to do loremaster and fulfill old reputation grinds, I have been really enjoying that content.  I am a little conflicted though.  I am interested to see more quests in the game and find out those story lines.  But the new expansion seems to be aimed at getting people to reroll as previously unavailable races or classes.  And then they doubtless just skip through all of the content and don’t see anything interesting.  I have still not done the new quest hub in Dustwallow Marsh on any toon.  In fact the only way I will see a whole range of new content is by going and visiting it on my main.
My current issue is just what class I will roll as my Worgen (assuming I stick with my alliance preference – I think that there is every chance I will roll a Goblin to see that part of the story as well, but don’t know whether I would pursue it).  The available classes are DK, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Lock and Warrior.  If you remove those classes of which I already have high level alts, the list becomes Mage, Rogue, Lock, Hunter.  I could reroll my DK, but truth be told the DK class makes me feel like I am cheating on my warrior, with whom I already have a conflicted relationship.  So for now I am happy for my DK to remain my inscriptionist and hang out milling things for me at level 60.  So the pros and cons of the various options.
Mage – I have never been able to play this class with any sort of accomplishment.  I have had an assortment of gnome mages who I think look just fantastic, but the whole squishy thing bugs the hell out of me.  I didn’t even find my spriest this squishy (though she had the advantage of skipping over a bunch of levels).  Further con that werewolf in a dress just seems dumb.
Rogue – Ugh, even worse than mage.  My very very first character was actually a rogue, but I abandoned her fully twinked at 19 even though she had never been inside a BG.  She was twinked because I didn’t really want to abandon her so I kept spending money on her thinking that better gear might alleviate my suckage in playing her.  Worgen actually seem a great fit for a rogue, so if I get really stuck this is likely what I will roll, but ugh.
Hunter – Again, have rolled and rerolled hunters but just can’t enjoy them.  My current draenei is, at level 14, my highest hunter ever.  I suspect the real reason I am getting whatever enjoyment out of her at present is that she has a pet crab named “sushi”.  But how would it work with the pets having pets thing?  A maybe.
Lock – Again, have never really managed to level a lock with any great prospects.  This one, strangely enough seems like a real possibility because the *reason* why I have constantly been defeated by the lock is that I can’t get into the look of the races of them.  They don’t seem to match with female gnomes, and as all my toons are female this makes a gnome a real barrier – I can’t play a male gnome because sooner or later I feel like punting him – right around the time that he gets a ridiculous looking blueberry four times his size.  But I have never ever managed to warm to the humans (says a lot about me really).  And on the numerous occasions that I roll one, I get crazy dying over and over to the imp quest in northshire.  Horde has much better options for locks – I have created many orc and undead locks to admire.
Anyway, I think out of caution I will hold off playing my baby lock and mage, but will allow myself to play my hunter if I feel like it.  For now, a lock seems the most attractive, despite the whole “dog in a dress” ridiculousness of it.




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