20 08 2009

acheive1708So got pulled into a guild chain instance run for new shiny emblems on the weekend.  The whole emblem of conquest thing is very exciting, and it gave me a chance to knock off a couple of achieves that I had been missing.  I was missing one boss in Pinnacle which I didn’t even realise until it dinged in the middle of the run.

The other one was the darned voidwalker in VH who I had never ever seen.  Every time I kept hoping that he would pop up and it always seems that we get doofy the ethereal instead (haaaate).  But knocked him off and got the void dance achieve for good measure.


Occulus schmoculus

17 08 2009

So I finally got my occulus achieve over the weekend. With my limited play time I am used to doing things well after they are news to anyone.

However, occulus has such a bad rep that I could never get a full group of guildies who wanted to go. The emblems of conquest has everyone running heroics and a group I was in was stupid enough to ask for suggestions for what to run.

Strangely enough I really enjoyed it. It is tough and the trash mobs and magic damage caused some headaches for sure. This was post nerf so the final boss should have been easier, but he still kicked our butts several times before we figured out a workable strat.

But I thought the fights were fun, the flying mechanic novel and the lore was good too. And plus, there was a murloc. MOAR murlocs!

Bad day

9 04 2009
Had a bad day the other day with a pretty abortive raid attempt.  We had a short run on the calendar which I flagged that Ruune would be available on a really limited basis (might arrive late and only had 2 hours) and to please take someone else if they could.  Well it turns out that they needed me (at least, I hope they didn’t have any other options).  So I got there, managed to be on time, though we had to wait around to fill a DPS slot or two.  We rolled through Noth okay, and moved on to Heigen.
Normally I am okay with the dance and I actually quite enjoy it.  But I was full of fail yesterday for some reason.  It seemed to me like I was doing exactly the same as I normally do, but I was consistently getting clipped as I ran through the zones.  And though it seemed to me that I was absolutely in the right spots, it just wasn’t working for me.  I don’t like to blame things on lag because the fact of the matter is that being oceanic with the servers in the US, lag is just something that I have to learn to play around and manage, and I have various strategies for how to deal with that.  Normally it means that I have to be really spot on about where I am meant to be and moving the instant that I become aware of the next stage.  Normally that is sufficient to keep me inside the safe zones, but yesterday either my reaction times were off or the window was just narrower than normal.
To top things off, I got a call from my Hub feeling sick at work for me to pick him up earlier than expected.  The devils are really good about being understanding when real life interferes, but it still makes me feel like a putz.  We had one more shot and thankfully managed to get the smarmy snot to hit the floor (I did as well of course).  I hearthed and logged and I found out later that they couldn’t find a replacement and called it.  I feel pretty annoyed for leaving people in the lurch.  So I am off to farm some buff food to pop into the guild bank this week.  Hopefully that will make up for it.

This is easy guys

5 04 2009

So with the new players in the Sidhe Devils there are a few that are playing at different times of the day, even able to catch up with late nighters like me playing on the other side of the world.  So I have been trying to run a bit with one of our new tanks who is more amenable to my time zone.  I will not name him to protect the guilty but it just so happens that just about every time he pulls me into a PuG, disaster ensues.

Most recently was heroic OK for the daily.  I could catalogue all of the gory details but that would be sad.  There are a couple of good ones though, like this conversation:

TANK – Let me know if you need me to do anything differently ie positioning etc to help you out

ME – Sure thing

  • tank immediately accidentally face pulls a group of mobs across the other side of the room and out of LoS*

ME  – (running back after messy wipe) Here’s a tip – when you do that I can’t heal you.

Another good one was the hunter who, immediately before the instance got the other group members to enter H-AN with him to see if we could (I declined), thus saving them to his mostly cleared instance.

The problem, even if I do say so myself, was neither my pocket tank or I.  I was topping the metres for healing after all.  The problem was lack of DPS, particularly in the form of a decently geared enhancement shaman doing 700 DPS on boss fights.  700 DPS.  This of course was the same party member explaining how all of these fights were really easy.  Douche.

A couple of days later my spriest Xenith hit level 72 and got a couple of gear upgrades though still almost all in greens.  Lo and behold she was now doing just over 700 DPS and is now pestering my pocket tank for a spot in those heroics.

Heigen the boring

3 04 2009

Our guild managed to clear the plague wing in Naxx 10 for the first time the other day.  And, perhaps because I have only done it a few times so it isn’t so frustrating to me, I was loving the Heigen fight as usual.

First time, I am giving one of the other healers who hadn’t seen it before some tips as to how to do it and this meant that I absolutely had to flub it immediately and face plant as soon as I was supposed to start moving.  The most epic attempt saw 4 of us left standing – a couple of DPS, myself as heals and a tank.  We lasted for 23 minutes before an ill-timed piece of lag saw me hit the floor.  Twenty three minutes for those other 6 people to make themselves a snack or lie on the floor feeling guilty for having two left feet.

Fun things about the Heigen fight:

  • the player that dances fine on her priest but found that her locktastic gnome legs were too short
  • the healy priest who normally comes on her mage seeing the fight from a whole different perspective
  • best raid leader quote ever “I love you like a brother but you can’t dance for s**t”
  • the dead guildies arguing that they were marking the safe zones
  • totally forgetting to monitor my totems and finding I had managed to let all of them (including disease cleansing and nature resist) drop off – whoops!
  • actually shaking from adrenalin after expending so much focus on such a long boss fight
  • battling my crappy oceanic lag trying not to die

Anyway, a fun fight and another sidhe devils achievement.  Yay for us.

Hex heroics

1 03 2009

So I managed to run a bunch of heroics on the weekend with the help of my wonderful guildies.  Ironically as I only have a couple of days to run in prime time with the guild, I often feel much more comfortable with 10 man raids than 5 man heroics and it takes a bit of time to get used to the mechanics of five man healing.

We had mixed success yesterday – with some things going smoothly and some things being “learning experiences”.  The most deflating was our idea to finish the night off with a quick heroic Violet Hold.  I had never seen the Xevozz encounter which, frankly, is one of those moving fights which totally messes with my healing what with the whole static nature of totems and lack of insta-cast heals.  Plus arcane damage is like my arch nemesis –  I always always die to it.

We actually managed to get through it – I ahkh’ed and managed to keep myself and the tank alive while the DPS ran back and we managed to finish him off and get him down.  We were congratulating ourselves for recovering reasonably well until the last trash pull before the final boss when the tank took them on further up the stairs than I was used to and I ended up out of LOS of the rest of the party.  By the time I managed to get back in range and heal up everyone, predictably I was the one that went down in a screaming heap with no back up healer.  I was locked out on the last boss leading to a nasty wipe.  Facing the prospect of repeating the whole run just to knock off the last boss deflated us too much so we called it.

However, the redeeming part of the evening was learning a trick with the dragon handlers in heroic UK.  After hearing that our uber mage likes to sheep the riders off the top of the dragons, I remembered that I have Hex.  While the limited range is a pain, the trick worked perfectly.  Yay, I can haz crowd control.